Sunday, January 08, 2006

How to Boot a Blogger Blogspot Blog?

I have been a Blogger user since July 2001. My Blogger username is ontask. I have my own domain name of, so I post directly to my own website. I have just discovered, that back in September of 2004, a Blogspot blog was created with the blog name and URL of ontask. Apparently, there are no restrictions to setting up a Blogspot blog using a Blogger username that is not your own.

I am concerned that his will cause brand confussion. Already, it is a barrier in syndicating my Blogger account content to other locations.

In particular, on SuprGlu when asked for my Blogger username, instead of being able to import my Blogger content, I am getting the Blogspot blog of ontask content on my Staying On Task with Glu. (SuprGlu is another one of those new Web 2.0 sites that has popped up. I created a Suprglu account in order to evaluate and review the service.)

I’ve written an email to Google and to Blogger explaining the situation. I guess I’m feeling unhopeful and just need to rant.

I realize that my blog content is not currently really exciting… but I hope to improve the quality such that I can build traffic. I suppose my main problem is that I am passionate about the discussion of how to improve consistant Internet identity. This recent discovery certainly makes the issue of Internet identity personal.

How to cope with this situation? Should I just shrug and say, “C’est La Vie?”


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