Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lots of Questions


Can a person change who s/he is? Why is asking for or accepting help so hard? Is life as simple as black and white; or are the shades of grey just as important? Is having an astounding lack of curiosity a good thing? Is there a connection between the dharma wheel and the hatch logos? Do all the survivors have a miracle or stroke of good luck in their past? Is there a connection between the theory of Pa Qua and the mystery of the island? Is the “weaving a complex web of interrelationships throughout the entire work,” as found in Ovid’s Metamorphose, a purposeful and direct inspiration for the writers of LOST? Is life on the island merely an experiential lesson in the second Noble truth?


At 8:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

dharma may be a mystification. They chose a word with many meanings acc. to the religion you happen to believe in. One important connection is "rules" (Faraday) another may be karma (rebirth on the island). The wheel may also be the map of the stations.
Dharma applies to past, present and future, that is to time (Hawkins).


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